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AT88SC0104CA-SH Devices Electronic
  • AT88SC0104CA-SH Devices ElectronicAT88SC0104CA-SH Devices Electronic

AT88SC0104CA-SH Devices Electronic

Kinglionski is the Chinese agents and distributors of ADI model AT88SC0104CA-SH Devices Electronic, focusing on the foreign trade of electronic components for 12 years. It only makes new and original packaging, with reasonable price and high quality, and serves most of the European and American markets.

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Product Description

China Quality AT88SC0104CA-SH Devices Electronic Manufacturers and Suppliers. 

Product Features

One of a family of devices with user memories from 1-Kbit to 8-Kbit

1-Kbit (128-byte) EEPROM user memory

2-Kbit configuration zone

High security features

Smart card features

Embedded application features

High reliability

Product Description

The Atmel AT88SC0104CA member of the Atmel CryptoMemory® family is a high-performance secure memory providing 1-Kbit of user memory with advanced security and cryptographic features built in. The user memory is divided into four 32-byte zones, each of which may be individually set with different security access rights or effectively combined together to provide space for one to four data files. The AT88SC0104CA features an enhanced command set that allows direct communication with microcontroller hardware 2-wire interface thereby allowing for faster firmware development with reduced code space requirements.

2.1 Smart Card Applications

The AT88SC0104CA provides high security, low cost, and ease of implementation without the need for a microprocessor operating system. The embedded cryptographic engine provides for dynamic, symmetric-mutual authentication between the device and host, as well as performing stream encryption for all data and passwords exchanged between the device and host. Up to four unique key sets may be used for these operations. The AT88SC0104CA offers the ability to communicate with virtually any smart card reader using the asynchronous T = 0 protocol (Gemplus Patent) defined in ISO 7816-3.

2.2 Embedded Applications

Through dynamic, symmetric-mutual authentication, data encryption, and the use of cryptographic Message Authentication Codes (MAC), the AT88SC0104CA provides a secure place for storage of sensitive information within a system. With its tamper detection circuits, this information remains safe even under attack. A 2-wire serial interface running at speeds up to 1.0MHz provides fast and efficient communications with up to 15 individually addressable devices. The AT88SC0104CA is available in industry standard 8-lead packages with the same familiar pin configuration as AT24CXXX Serial EEPROM devices.

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