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DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 Electronic Components
  • DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 Electronic ComponentsDS90UB934TRGZRQ1 Electronic Components

DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 Electronic Components

Kinglionski is the agent and distributor of Texas Instruments model DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 Electronic Components, focusing on the foreign trade of electronic components for 12 years. It only makes new and original packaging, with reasonable price and high quality, and serves most of the European and American markets.

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Product Description

The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 Electronic Components FPD-Link III deserializer, in conjunction with the DS90UB913A/933-Q1 serializers, supports the video transport needs with a ultra-high-speed forward channel and an embedded bidirectional control channel. The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 deserializer selects data streams from dual camera sources and outputs the recovered data onto a parallel LVCMOS output data bus. 

The DS90UB934-Q1 is designed to interface with the DS90UB933-Q1 device and is backwards compatible with the DS90UB913A-Q1 device using a 50-Ω coax interface. The DS90UB934-Q1 also works with the DS90UB933-Q1 or DS90UB913A-Q1 using an STP interface.

The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 chipset is fully AEC-Q100 qualified and designed to receive data across either 50-Ω single-ended coaxial or 100-Ω shielded-twisted pair (STP) cable assemblies. The DS90UB934TRGZRQ1 uses an advanced adaptive equalizer to allow support of various cable lengths and types with no additional programming required.

Product Features


Main product features


Qualified for Automotive Applications

Operates up to 100 MHz in 12-bit Mode to Support 1MP/60fps and 2MP/30fps Imagers as well as Satellite RADAR

Cable Link Detect Diagnostics

BIST (Built-In Self-Test)

Product Applications


– Rear-View Cameras (RVC)

– Surround View Systems (SVS)

– Camera Monitor Systems (CMS)

– Forward Vision Cameras (FC)

– Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)

– Satellite RADAR Modules

Security and Surveillance Cameras

 Industrial and Medical Imaging

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