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Trends in Electronic Components


Electronic Components is developing towards miniaturization, integration, flexibility and systematization.
The miniaturization of Electronic Components has been the development trend of Electronic Components. Various mobile products, portable products and aerospace,
Military industry, medical and other fields of product miniaturization, multi-functional requirements, prompting Electronic Components to become more and more miniaturization.Integration of Electronic Components can be said to be the main means of miniaturization. But the benefits of integration are not limited to miniaturization. The biggest advantage of integration lies in the large-scale manufacturing of mature circuits, so as to achieve the popularity and development of electronic products. The development of integrated circuit from small scale, medium scale, large scale to super-large scale is only one aspect. The mixed integration of passive components and active components, the integration of devices with different semiconductor processes, and the integration of optics and electronics are all forms of component integration.The flexibility of Electronic Components is a new trend in recent years, and also a new concept of softening Electronic Components hardware products. With the development of programmable analog circuit, the device itself is only a hardware carrier, which can realize different circuit functions by loading different programs. It can be seen that modern Components are no longer pure hardware. The development of software and hardware as well as the corresponding software electronics has greatly expanded the application flexibility of Electronic Components and adapted to the personalized trend of modern Electronic products.
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