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Kinglionski focusb on distribution of Analog Devices electronic components ,including STMicroelectronics, NXP , Microchip , Texas Instruments ,Cypress ,Xilinx and Onsemi more than 11 years !

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI for short). The name of the registered company in China is "Analog Semiconductor Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.. A NASDAQ listed company (NASDAQ: ADI).
Make innovation, performance and excellence the cultural pillars of the company and grow into one of the most durable and high-growth companies in this technology field. With 60,000 customers all over the world, covering all types of electronic equipment manufacturers. As a leading manufacturer of high-performance analog integrated circuits (ICs) for over 40 years, ADI's products are used in analog and digital signal processing.The company is headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, with design and manufacturing facilities around the world. Analog Devices is included in the S&P 500 Index. Driven by the scientific and technological revolution, human society has started the process of industrialization revolution, which objectively promoted the further development of economic globalization and urbanization. Globalization has put forward higher challenges to communication technology, and the trend of urbanization has put forward higher requirements for infrastructure such as transportation. At the same time, the problems of global warming and resource scarcity brought about by the massive consumption of traditional energy sources, and the accelerated aging of the population have put forward higher requirements for the medical industry, which are undoubtedly challenges facing today. Rapid advances in semiconductor technology will play an important role in addressing the challenges posed by these changes. With innovation as the cornerstone, ADI is committed to R&D and investment in the fields of communication infrastructure, industrial automation, industrial instrumentation, automotive electronics, and healthcare, and provides high-performance products and solutions to solve the challenges faced by all walks of life.The ultimate challenge for customers is to bring a competitive product to market. The challenge, therefore, is to increase performance, precision, speed and integration, reduce device size, power consumption and price, and collaborate more effectively and closely with customers - all of which further enhance innovation. With ADI's focus on creating more innovative and reliable products, ADI will not only continue to be a technology leader, but will also prove that differentiating ADI's products is the key to creating great value for customers. ADI's expanding lineup of innovative products include: Amplifiers and Linear Products, Data Converters, Audio and Video Products, Broadband Products, Clock and Timing ICs, Fiber Optic and Optical Communication Products, Interface and Isolation, MEMS and Sensors, Power and Thermal Management, Processing controllers and DSPs, RF and IF ICs, switches and multiplexers, and more.

Our company’s business scope is selling components of Analog Devices, Texas instruments , NXP , Micrcochip ,Xilinx ,STMicroelectronics ,Onsemi , we also provide bom list service , excess inventory purchase.
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MIC2039EYM6-TR Devices Electronic

MIC2039EYM6-TR Devices Electronic

Kinglionski is the Chinese agents and distributors of ADI model MIC2039EYM6-TR Devices Electronic, focusing on the foreign trade of electronic components for 12 years. It only makes new and original packaging, with reasonable price and high quality, and serves most of the European and American markets.

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Kinglionski is one of the professional Analog Devices Electronic suppliers in China, with more than experience. Welcome to wholesale and buy Analog Devices Electronic from Kinglionski. You can rest assured buy. We have it in stock, We have stock, you can rest assured to buy our products, we will give you a price discount.
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