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FS32K146HFT0VLQT NXP Electronic Components
  • FS32K146HFT0VLQT NXP Electronic ComponentsFS32K146HFT0VLQT NXP Electronic Components

FS32K146HFT0VLQT NXP Electronic Components

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Product Description

FS32K146HFT0VLQT NXP Electronic Components belongs to ARM microcontroller MCU of NXP electronic components.


All LPSPI interfaces do not have the same maximum serial clock frequency. There are two groups. LPSPI interfaces which can operate at 60 MHz in Master mode and 40 MHz in Slave mode and the other group where interfaces operate at 40 MHz in Master mode and 20 MHz in Slave mode. The same performance is achieved at 1.8 V and 3.3 V unless otherwise stated.


Measurements are with maximum output load of 25 pF, input transition of 1 ns and pad configured with fastest slew settings (DSE = 1'b1).

I/O operating voltage ranges from 2.97 V to 3.6 V

While doing the mode transition (RUN -> HSRUN or HSRUN -> RUN ), the interface should be OFF.

Add 50 ohm series termination on board in QuadSPI SCK for Flash A to avoid loop back reflection when using in Internal DQS (PAD Loopback) mode.

QuadSPI trace length should be 3 inches.

Product Features


Main product features


Operating characteristics

Mixed-signal analog

Memory and memory interfaces

Debug functionality


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