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SPC5602BK0MLL6R NXP Electronic Components
  • SPC5602BK0MLL6R NXP Electronic ComponentsSPC5602BK0MLL6R NXP Electronic Components

SPC5602BK0MLL6R NXP Electronic Components

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Product Description

The SPC5602BK0MLL6R is a family of next generation microcontrollers built on the Power Architecture® embedded category.


The MPC5604B/C family of 32-bit microcontrollers is the latest achievement in integrated automotive application controllers. It belongs to an expanding family of automotive-focused products designed to address the next wave of body electronics applications within the vehicle. The advanced and cost-efficient host processor core of this automotive controller family complies with the Power Architecture embedded category and only implements the VLE (variable-length encoding) APU, providing improved code density.


It operates at speeds of up to 64 MHz and offers high performance processing optimized for low power consumption. It capitalizes on the available development infrastructure of current Power Architecture devices and is supported with software drivers, operating systems and configuration code to assist with users implementations.

SPC5602BK0MLL6R NXP Electronic Components Features


Main product features


Single issue, 32-bit CPU core complex

Up to 512 KB on-chip code flash supported with the flash controller and ECC

Up to 48 KB on-chip SRAM with ECC

64 (4 × 16) KB on-chip data flash memory with ECC

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