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S9S12VR48AF0VLFR Electronics
  • S9S12VR48AF0VLFR ElectronicsS9S12VR48AF0VLFR Electronics

S9S12VR48AF0VLFR Electronics

S9S12VR48AF0VLFR Electronics belongs to S12VR Mixed-Signal MCU for Automotive & Industrial Relay Based Motor Control of NXP.

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Product Description

S9S12VR48AF0VLFR Electronics Made in China can be bought with Low Price from Kinglionski, which is a professional high quality S9S12VR48AF0VLFR suppliers in China. We provide Customized S9S12VR48AF0VLFR service. If you want Pricelist and Quotation, you can ask us by leaving a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.The S9S12VR48AF0VLFR gives the smallest, efficient and scalable relay driven DC motor control solution for industrial and automotive applications such as window lift, sunroof.

It integrates the S12 16-bit microcontroller together with LIN Physical Interface, low side, and high-side drivers. High Voltage Input pins for 12 V switch interfaces, EVDD for sensor supply that reduce system, qualification and manufacturing cost.

S9S12VR48AF0VLFR Electronics Parameter (Specification)

S12 (25 MHz max) 16-bit CPU
16 - 64kB Flash Memory with ECC
Voltage Regulator operating directly from the car battery
LIN Physical layer
2 Low-side drivers (typ. for relay)
1 Low-side driver (only in S12VRP)
1-2 High-side drivers
4-6 High Voltage Inputs for Switch Monitoring
On-chip RC Oscillator, trimmed to +/- 1,3% tolerance

S9S12VR48AF0VLFR Electronics Feature And Application

automotive applications such as window lift, sunroof.

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