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STM8L051F3P6TR Electronics
  • STM8L051F3P6TR ElectronicsSTM8L051F3P6TR Electronics

STM8L051F3P6TR Electronics

Kinglionski is the agent and distributor of STMicroelectronics model STM8L051F3P6TR Electronics, focusing on the foreign trade of electronic components for 12 years. It only makes new and original packaging, with reasonable price and high quality, and serves most of the European and American markets.

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Product Description

STM8L051F3P6TR Electronics has Ultra-low-power 8-bit MCU with 8 Kbytes Flash, 16 MHz CPU, integrated EEPROM.STM8L051F3P6TR features an enhanced STM8 CPU core providing increased processing power (up to 16 MIPS at 16 MHz) while maintaining the advantages of a CISC architecture with improved code density, a 24-bit linear addressing space and an optimized architecture for low-power operations.

STM8L051F3P6TR  is member of the STM8L ultra-low-power 8-bit family. The STM8L051F3P6TR  MCU includes an integrated debug module with a hardware interface (SWIM) which allows non-intrusive In-Application debugging and ultra-fast Flash programming. It features an embedded data EEPROM and low-power, low-voltage, singlesupply program Flash memory. 

The device incorporates an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals, a 12-bit ADC, a real-time clock, two 16-bit timers, one 8-bit timer, as well as standard communication interfaces such as an SPI, an I2C interface, and one USART. 

The modular design of the peripheral set allows this device to have the same peripherals that can be found in different ST microcontroller families including 32-bit families. This makes any transition to a different family very easy, supported also by the use of a common set of development tools. 

STM8L051F3P6TR as all the value line STM8L ultra-low-power products are based on the same architecture with the same memory mapping and a coherent pinout.

Product Features


Main product features


Operating conditions

–Operating power supply: 1.8 V to 3.6 V Temperature range:−40°C to 85°C

Low-power features

–5 low-power modes: Wait, Low-power run (5.1 µA), Low-power wait (3 µA), Activehalt with RTC (1.3 µA), Halt (350 nA)

–Ultra-low leakage per I/O: 50 nA

–Fast wakeup from Halt: 5 µs

Advanced STM8 core

–Harvard architecture and 3-stage pipeline

–Max freq: 16 MHz, 16 CISC MIPS peak

–Up to 40 external interrupt sources

Reset and supply management

–Low power, ultra-safe BOR reset with 5 selectable thresholds

–Ultra-low power POR/PDR

–Programmable voltage detector (PVD)

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