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VN5E050JTR-E Electronics
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VN5E050JTR-E Electronics

Kinglionski is the agent and distributor of STMi croelectronics model VN5E050JTR-E Electronics, focusing on the foreign trade of electronic components for 12 years. It only makes new and original packaging, with reasonable price and high quality, and serves most of the European and American markets.

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Product Description

VN5E050JTR-E Electronics belongs to Single channel high side driver for automotive applications.The VN5E050J-E is designed to drive automotive grounded loads delivering protection, diagnostics and easy 3V and 5V CMOS-compatible interface with any microcontroller. 

Product Features


Main product features



–Inrush current active management by power limitation

–Very low stand-by current

Diagnostic functions

–Open Drain status output

–On-state open load detection


–Undervoltage shut-down

–Overvoltage clamp

Product Description

The VN5E050J-E is a single channel high-side driver manufactured in the ST proprietary VIPower M0-5 technology and housed in the tiny PowerSSO-12 package. 

The device integrates advanced protective functions such as load current limitation, inrush and overload active management by power limitation, over-temperature shut-off with autorestart and over-voltage active clamp. 

A dedicated active low digital status pin is associated with every output channel in order to provide Enhanced diagnostic functions including fast detection of overload and short-circuit to ground, over-temperature indication, short-circuit to VCC diagnosis and ON & OFF state open-load detection. 

The diagnostic feedback of the whole device can be disabled by pulling the STAT_DIS pin up, thus allowing wired-ORing with other similar devices.

Product Application

All types of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads.

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