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VN7003ALHTR Electronics
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VN7003ALHTR Electronics

Kinglionski is the agent and distributor of STMicroelectronics model VN7003ALHTR Electronics, focusing on the foreign trade of electronic components for 12 years. It only makes new and original packaging, with reasonable price and high quality, and serves most of the European and American markets.

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Product Description

VN7003ALHTR Electronics belongs to Single channel 3 mOhm High-side driver with Current Sense analog feedback for automotive applications. 

Product Features


Main product features


AEC-Q100 qualified

Extreme low voltage operation for deep cold cranking applications (compliant with LV124, revision 2013)


-Single channel smart high-side driver with CurrentSense analog feedback

-Very low standby current

Product Protections

2.1 Power limitation 
The basic working principle of this protection consists of an indirect measurement of the junction temperature swing ΔTj through the direct measurement of the spatial temperature gradient on the device surface in order to automatically shut off the output MOSFET as soon as ΔTj exceeds the safety level of ΔTj_SD. According to the voltage level on the FR_DIAG pin, the output MOSFET switches on and cycles with a thermal hysteresis according to the maximum instantaneous power which can be handled (FR_DIAG = Low) or remains off (FR_DIAG = High). The protection prevents fast thermal transient effects and, consequently, reduces thermo-mechanical fatigue. 3.2 

2.2 Thermal shutdown 
In case the junction temperature of the device exceeds the maximum allowed threshold (typically 175°C), it automatically switches off and the diagnostic indication is triggered. According to the voltage level on the FR_DIAG pin, the device switches on again as soon as its junction temperature drops to TR (FR_DIAG = Low) or remains off (FR_DIAG = High).
2.3 Current limitation 
The device is equipped with an output current limiter in order to protect the silicon as well as the other components of the system (e.g. bonding wires, wiring harness, connectors, loads, etc.) from excessive current flow. Consequently, in case of short circuit, overload or during load power-up, the output current is clamped to a safety level, ILIMH, by operating the output power MOSFET in the active region. 

2.4 Negative voltage clamp 
In case the device drives inductive load, the output voltage reaches negative value during turn off. A negative voltage clamp structure limits the maximum negative voltage to a certain value, VDEMAG, allowing the inductor energy to be dissipated without damaging the device.

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