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CY7C1565KV18-500BZXC Electronic Components
  • CY7C1565KV18-500BZXC Electronic ComponentsCY7C1565KV18-500BZXC Electronic Components

CY7C1565KV18-500BZXC Electronic Components

Kinglionski is the agent and distributor of Cypress electronic components model CY7C1565KV18-500BZXC Electronic Components, focusing on the foreign trade of electronic components for 12 years. It only makes new and original packaging, with reasonable price and high quality, and serves most of the European and American markets.

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Product Description

The CY7C1565KV18-500BZXC Electronic Components is 1.8-V synchronous pipelined SRAM, equipped with QDR II+ architecture. Similar to QDR II architecture, QDR II+ architecture consists of two separate ports: the read port and the write port to access the memory array.Depth expansion is accomplished with port selects, which enables each port to operate independently.

The read port has dedicated data outputs to support read operations and the write port has dedicated data inputs to support write operations. QDR II+ architecture has separate data inputs and data outputs to completely eliminate the need to “turnaround” the data bus that exists with common I/O devices. 

Each port is accessed through a common address bus. Addresses for read and write addresses are latched on alternate rising edges of the input (K) clock. Accesses to the QDR II+ read and write ports are completely independent of one another. To maximize data throughput, both read and write ports are equipped with DDR interfaces. 

Each address location is associated with four 36-bit words (CY7C1565KV18) that burst sequentially into or out of the device. Because data is transferred into and out of the device on every rising edge of both input clocks (K and K), memory bandwidth is maximized while simplifying system design by eliminating bus “turnarounds”.

Product Features


Main product features


Separate independent read and write data ports

550-MHz clock for high bandwidth

Four-word burst for reducing address bus frequency

Separate port selects for depth expansion

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